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We ensure that your project will have a contemporary and modern design making use of all the latest technologies available to ensure a smart home or a smart office.


Meraki Infratek is a design, engineering and architecture consultancy providing professional consulting services for residential as well as commercial projects. This includes residential townships, bungalow townships, hospitality projects, and large interior designing projects.

Our thoughtful designs based on the latest technology can make your professional work environment a place of modernism, security and progressive style. We have technology expertise in pre-planned IT infrastructure, green energy, efficient lighting and security system which forms the cornerstone of our mission to create decent architecture ambiance.

Our design philosophy revolves around providing you with a seamless and professional experience while planning and designing a space solution.

When we immerse ourselves in the client’s world we are able to understand the nature of your business, the challenges you face and the workspace requirements very clearly. This helps us to create interior design solutions that are innovative and efficient.

We assure you that our design solutions will deliver not only increased staff productivity, but also boost your brand image with as less resource consumption as possible.

create SMART spaces

Whatever be your requirements and constraints, we are sure to be able to design a solution that addresses your needs, SMARTly.

Do let us know what you are looking for.